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Thursday, January 07, 2010

CommenTERRY on Casey Johnson Tila Tequila

Please Tila Tequila - have a seat.

I feel so sorry for Casey Johnson and what became of her life.

Mostly I regret her allowing such a sad woman like Tequila into her life.

The Associated Press and other outlets report that Casey had been dead for days before her maid found her; however, that hasn't stopped Tequila from professing her love for her dead fiance.

What newly engaged person doesn't talk to her fiance for days? One or two...maybe. But several?

Tila needs to have a seat. It's obvious from her actions she had another agenda...which didn't include helping Casey get her life together.

The audacity of her to parade around in front of cameras in the name of attention is a disgrace. But what else can you do when you have no talent to fall back on.

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