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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Tiger's Vanity Fair

The new “green” issue of Vanity Fair features a cover photo of Tiger Woods snapped by famed photog Annie Leibovitz from her archives. The four-year old photo shows a shirtless Tiger wearing a hoodie cap and gazing vacantly at the camera. And it bothers me. It looks a little rapper-ish and I find that problematic that as soon as he gets dethroned as the king of golf, it’s now very important to highlight this “urban” side. With the photo being four years old, I’m sure there have been several photo sessions with similar themes by other photogs. Ms. Leibovitz didn’t invent the wheel.

Just reminds me of TIME’s OJ Simpson cover when he was “darkened” to show his sketchy urban side. I think this photo posits the same sentiment. There was just no need to darken his skin because the hoodie cap gives you at the BET you need.

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