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Thursday, January 07, 2010

CommenTERRY on Casey Johnson Tila Tequila

Please Tila Tequila - have a seat.

I feel so sorry for Casey Johnson and what became of her life.

Mostly I regret her allowing such a sad woman like Tequila into her life.

The Associated Press and other outlets report that Casey had been dead for days before her maid found her; however, that hasn't stopped Tequila from professing her love for her dead fiance.

What newly engaged person doesn't talk to her fiance for days? One or two...maybe. But several?

Tila needs to have a seat. It's obvious from her actions she had another agenda...which didn't include helping Casey get her life together.

The audacity of her to parade around in front of cameras in the name of attention is a disgrace. But what else can you do when you have no talent to fall back on.

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Throwback Video - B Angie B - "I Don't Want To Lose Your Love"

Before Crazy in Love....this was the rump shake classic. Vibrate. Pop. Dip it low. B Angie B goes ALL THE WAY IN.

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Daily Gossip Blast

Staunch feminist Beyonce Knowles performs for misogynist terrorist. A check is a check. (Bossip)

Obama Budget Director - First comes baby, then comes marriage to someone else (NY Post)

Drunk-driving, manslaughtering plagued basketball star to be arraigned from hospital bed today (NY Post)

Pill-popping model runs down two joggers while tripping on prescription cocktail (NY Post)

White House party crashers getting paid $5000 to host Sin City party (TMZ)

Jumpoff gone wrong - Shaq gets accused of harassment by alleged mistress (TMZ)

NYC Principal accused of soliciting oral-sex from students (NY Daily News)

Howard Stern's sidekick stabs himself NINE times in suicide attempt (Perez)

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Throwback Video - Loose Ends - Hangin' On A String

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Teddy Riley Recounts Fight With Kids

Old school parenting?

Seems to me his daughter had it coming.

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Throwback Video of the Day

Loose Ends - Watching You

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Daily Gossip Blast

"My biggest regret is not doing 'The Simple Life" with Paris Hilton"

-Casey Johnson, as told to several unidentified sources.

Sociailite Casey Johnson found dead at age 30 (NY Post)

-Arab American students blasted for class T-shirts mocking 9/11 attacks (NY Daily News)

- Secret Service admits there was a THIRD party crasher at the White House. (WP)

-Actress Suasan Sarandon adds 'cougar' to list of accomplishments (FoxNews)

-ALL THE SINGLE LADIES! - Scientists conclude the G-spot is myth created to sell sex toys (USA Today)

-Rihanna spotted transforming with baseball star Matt Kemp (The Sun)

- Lil Wayne pushes album release past his incarceration date (Perez Hilton)

-Track star sacrifices breast implants for chance at gold medal (Perez Hilton)

-Mariah Carey gives a boozing acceptance speech. Mimi loves the bubbly (TMZ)

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Tiger's Vanity Fair

The new “green” issue of Vanity Fair features a cover photo of Tiger Woods snapped by famed photog Annie Leibovitz from her archives. The four-year old photo shows a shirtless Tiger wearing a hoodie cap and gazing vacantly at the camera. And it bothers me. It looks a little rapper-ish and I find that problematic that as soon as he gets dethroned as the king of golf, it’s now very important to highlight this “urban” side. With the photo being four years old, I’m sure there have been several photo sessions with similar themes by other photogs. Ms. Leibovitz didn’t invent the wheel.

Just reminds me of TIME’s OJ Simpson cover when he was “darkened” to show his sketchy urban side. I think this photo posits the same sentiment. There was just no need to darken his skin because the hoodie cap gives you at the BET you need.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

The Texas Tiger will be back and better than ever. Soon.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Vagina Power with Alexyss Tylor

The most quotable interview I have seen in a long time. You owe yourself this experience.

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The Power.......

Yes, I watched the Oprah Winfrey townhall on misogny and rap music; however, this is the absolute best interview I have seen in a long time. Enjoy.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

An "N" style night in Gotham

Mood: I’m feeling very dreamy. It was a rainy night in Gotham last night, and I was surrounded by beautiful and fabulous people. And the Belvedere was flowing. I couldn’t ask for anything more…except for Sanjaya’s hair. I don’t normally covet thy neighbor, but I wish I had those locks.

Tonight I felt like going cheap and chic. And not in Moschino. I am wearing a sweater I picked up at H&M for $7. I feel just like Erykah Badu right now. “My dress ain’t cost nothing but $7 but I made it fly…cause I’m clever.” Even know, Mama’s Gun helps me make it over the mountain. Underneath I am wearing a t-shirt I picked up a “N” my favorite shopping destination in Harlem. And some Chip and Pepper jeans, which I had no problem finding in my closet. And what a relief. Had I lost them I might have had to take a blackberry to the head of my roommate. A Naomi moment. But that crisis we avoided, thankfully.

Melody: I am listing to Jamiroquai’sRunaway.” Something about him always makes me smile. His music is bright, vibrant and funky. Even when he croons a love song.

"N" STYLE in Gotham

Last night, I went to a wonderful booksigning and cocktail reception at “N" Harlem, the premier destination uptown for the chic and fashionable uptown set. Located on 116th and Lenox (in harlem - get it?), I will never forget the day I stepped past the mahogany doors into the boutique. I had read a lot of press clips in the New York Post and the New York Daily News about the opening, and I knew a few celebrities were known to shop there…so I made it my business to check it out.

Carrying a wide array of fashionable lines ranging from the Denim Factory and G Star to Tracy Reese and Nicole Miller, I was overwhelmingly impressed by both the selection and the décor of the store. It is a bi-level boutique catering to both male and female fashionista who want to pick up a nice outfit and some candles to match. Did I mention they also carry candles, pillows, wine racks and other funky accessories that are essential to New York living? Now I don't have to trek downtown to Soho...I have it here at N Harlem.

It’s very chic and comfortable. You can sit down on a soft leather chair and look from east to west and almost create the outfits in your mind. I'm a visual shopper. And the staff is phenomenal. The owners, Larry Ortiz, Nikoa Evans and Lenn Shebar have done a great job adding to the cache of the new Harlem Renaissance. And the velvet curtains adorning the dressing rooms inspired me so much that I went out and bought a velvet curtain for my own bedroom. As an artist I take inspiration from every place I visit.

Tonight, my new friend Erika J. Kendrick was signing copies of her first novel, “Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader.” As a former Chicago Bulls professional cheerleader, Erika takes us to the dark side of the poms-poms. Beneath the lip gloss, mascara and high-kick lines. We meet backstabbing vixens, controlling egotistical men and an assortment of self-centered individuals out to kill and destroy for the sake of their careers. At first I thought I was reading a book about my job…but this is Erika’s story. Not mine. I was never a cheerleader. I was in the marching band.

Erika and I bonded over a few cocktails while she told me how this novel just evolved from her everyday life. Never imagining she’d be a novelist, Erika was working on a tv treatment for a television executive when her mother told her point blank, “This is a novel.” And without any industry hookups, Erika set out cold-calling agents to pitch her book. And then it happened. After a lot of persistence, Erika landed an agent and later landed a book deal.

Erika radiates an inner beauty that I know will follow her on this journey. Please do visit her website and purchase the novel. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

And I must compliment Jamar Dunnigan for the event and the afterparty at Ginger. A great night in Gotham.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Summer in Berlin, Rainy night in New York

Mood: It’s raining here in New York. But the sun is shining on my life.

Mode: Tonight I am “In effect mode.” I’m thinking Al B Sure! meets Banana Republic for the after work set. I’m donning a checkered shirt with a collar starched stiffer that Laura Bush’s upper lip. The shirt is Banana Republic with a brown on blue checkered pattern. I topped it off with a Tommy Hilfiger tie. I’m wearing Banana Republic cotton slacks, which are quite thick for a warm and toasty night. It is very windy. But I can tell you nothing was getting through those pants unless it has a Black card.

Grace Jones “La Vie en Rose” from the 1977 debut album Portfolio. This song reminds me of falling in love in Paris. Taking a boat cruise down the Champs Elysees. Collecting new Eau de toilettes at the Fragonard. French fries under the white arches. Crepes at a little corner bistro. Feeling free to love without judgment or fear. All our lives. “Quand il me prend dans ses bras…Je vois la vie en rose”

Rainy Night in New York

I have recently returned from the U.S. première of the German-language film

Summer in Berlin staring Inka Friedrich and Nadja Uhl. Directed by Andreas Dresen, the film tells the story of two women each at a crossroads in their lives on a search for love and understanding. Along the way they fall in love. Not with each other. Nika falls in loved with Ronald and Katrin falls in love with anything that comes in a glass with a stem. And haven’t we all been through that romance?

The movie has been winning many awards at film festivals around the world and I felt some honored to be a part of its U.S. premiere. I was a guest of Dexter Davis, whose D. Street Releasing, in partnership with Volkswagen are bringing this splendid coming-of-age story to American audiences. Please do check it out at a theater near you.

Afterwards, I attended the after party at Bowery Bar on the lower east side. The party featured a new vodka energy drink called V2 which I took with ginger-ale and a splash of cranberry. Delicious. At the DJ saved my life. He introduced me to Jose Feliciano and the Mizell brothers of Blue Note records. I have already been to to stock up on their respective catalogs. It was the perfect musical accompaniment to a wonderful evening.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Recommitting to you, New York and the Night Life

My Mood - Controlled. But adventurous.
My Mode - Texas Cosmopolitan. Rocking an authentic cowboy hat. A Larry Muhan cowboy shirt with cross-stitching. Some Wranglers. Snakeskin boots. And a belt that reads, "Texas to the Bone."
My Melody - Kelis "Circus" Come join our circus where we all wear masks.

From the soul of a Tiger…

I am back from a well-needed, deserved and overdue vacation from the circus that has become my life. For a moment, I felt like the cage was closing in on me. One day I was the ring master, the next day I was one of the exhibits. And this did not sit well with me. So I did was any self-respecting Divo would do. Post-hypnotic repressed memory therapy…in Europe of course.

A while ago when I was studying for my government degree at the London School of Economics, I met a psychotherapist who focused on the rebirthing process. Her theory is that the way you enter into the world has an overwhelming powerful effect on your parental, familial and romantic relationships. Including your friendships.

Though I often shy away from being personal on this blog, as I think it is more interesting to talk about the ups and downs of pop culture, celebrity, and New York, I realized that part of the attraction to this circus is how it connects and intersects with our own life experiences, both real and imagined.

And for this period of my life, I have been reinterpreting the last season of Sex and the City (cocktail in hand), while grappling with the breakup and reconnections of several friendships circa the Clinton-Geffen feud, life-altering challenges not unlike Elizabeth Edwards, and a few self-induced disappointments, like the overdose that came Anna Nicole, I’ve decided to live my life just as Rhonda Byrne.

I did a great deal of positive thinking last night. While Musiq crooned songs from his #1 Billboard album, Luvanmusiq. While listening to "Buddy", and "the Girl Next Door" I thought about past loves and old flames. The trips, the dinners, the lunches, the gifts, the sharing. It was a beautiful moment of reflection. And the sponsorship of Courvoisier contributed to that bubbly, warm feeling I felt at that moment.

There were plenty of fans from all walks of life who came out to support Musiq during what turned out to be an exciting concert. I saw people of all races, colors, creeds and backgrounds. Unfortunately I didn't get to do much interacting with them because I was in VIP.

I ran into Talent, a "talent"ed comedian who has a show over on TV One. You might have also seen him on a few of the BET specials I've been featured on.

Also, I ran into a few colleagues and some other writers and we had a good time swapping love stories as Musiq provided the perfect inspiration. With Biz Markie on the wheels of steel.

And how did I take my Courvoisier? Straight. Unlike most of the guests.

This weekend I also hung out with Joss Stone, who I hope will have a debut as spectacular as Musiq. I feel in love with Joss Stone when I heard her flawless remake of the Isley Brothers "For the Love of You." Normally, I'd be appalled that someone dared take a classic. This song is a part of the R&B love cannon. You sing it at home. You sing it in the shower. You might even do a warbled-version at you wedding...if it is also sponsored by Courvoisier. But you don't put it on CD...unless you make it your own like Ms. Stone.

She has other gems I adore. "Spoiled," which I am sure formers lovers can attest far as I am concerned. And then there is "Jet Lag" which you must check out for yourself.

Joss is cool. Down to earth. The type of girl who was probably raised in a mixed-income community, she is just so approachable.

I will say there were no African-American producers present at this juncture. The album is done. And p.s. Dallas Austin has apologized for saying the Cristina Aguilera and Joss Stone sleep around for tracks. I capped off the evening with a group of gals I met from the great state of Texas. We showed Longhorn pride as up and through the Grand.

Please come back later to check out my review of Macy Gracy's new CD "Big" as well as my interview with her.

I'll part with advice from a friend to me:

Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Lovetruly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.

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