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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Recommitting to you, New York and the Night Life

My Mood - Controlled. But adventurous.
My Mode - Texas Cosmopolitan. Rocking an authentic cowboy hat. A Larry Muhan cowboy shirt with cross-stitching. Some Wranglers. Snakeskin boots. And a belt that reads, "Texas to the Bone."
My Melody - Kelis "Circus" Come join our circus where we all wear masks.

From the soul of a Tiger…

I am back from a well-needed, deserved and overdue vacation from the circus that has become my life. For a moment, I felt like the cage was closing in on me. One day I was the ring master, the next day I was one of the exhibits. And this did not sit well with me. So I did was any self-respecting Divo would do. Post-hypnotic repressed memory therapy…in Europe of course.

A while ago when I was studying for my government degree at the London School of Economics, I met a psychotherapist who focused on the rebirthing process. Her theory is that the way you enter into the world has an overwhelming powerful effect on your parental, familial and romantic relationships. Including your friendships.

Though I often shy away from being personal on this blog, as I think it is more interesting to talk about the ups and downs of pop culture, celebrity, and New York, I realized that part of the attraction to this circus is how it connects and intersects with our own life experiences, both real and imagined.

And for this period of my life, I have been reinterpreting the last season of Sex and the City (cocktail in hand), while grappling with the breakup and reconnections of several friendships circa the Clinton-Geffen feud, life-altering challenges not unlike Elizabeth Edwards, and a few self-induced disappointments, like the overdose that came Anna Nicole, I’ve decided to live my life just as Rhonda Byrne.

I did a great deal of positive thinking last night. While Musiq crooned songs from his #1 Billboard album, Luvanmusiq. While listening to "Buddy", and "the Girl Next Door" I thought about past loves and old flames. The trips, the dinners, the lunches, the gifts, the sharing. It was a beautiful moment of reflection. And the sponsorship of Courvoisier contributed to that bubbly, warm feeling I felt at that moment.

There were plenty of fans from all walks of life who came out to support Musiq during what turned out to be an exciting concert. I saw people of all races, colors, creeds and backgrounds. Unfortunately I didn't get to do much interacting with them because I was in VIP.

I ran into Talent, a "talent"ed comedian who has a show over on TV One. You might have also seen him on a few of the BET specials I've been featured on.

Also, I ran into a few colleagues and some other writers and we had a good time swapping love stories as Musiq provided the perfect inspiration. With Biz Markie on the wheels of steel.

And how did I take my Courvoisier? Straight. Unlike most of the guests.

This weekend I also hung out with Joss Stone, who I hope will have a debut as spectacular as Musiq. I feel in love with Joss Stone when I heard her flawless remake of the Isley Brothers "For the Love of You." Normally, I'd be appalled that someone dared take a classic. This song is a part of the R&B love cannon. You sing it at home. You sing it in the shower. You might even do a warbled-version at you wedding...if it is also sponsored by Courvoisier. But you don't put it on CD...unless you make it your own like Ms. Stone.

She has other gems I adore. "Spoiled," which I am sure formers lovers can attest far as I am concerned. And then there is "Jet Lag" which you must check out for yourself.

Joss is cool. Down to earth. The type of girl who was probably raised in a mixed-income community, she is just so approachable.

I will say there were no African-American producers present at this juncture. The album is done. And p.s. Dallas Austin has apologized for saying the Cristina Aguilera and Joss Stone sleep around for tracks. I capped off the evening with a group of gals I met from the great state of Texas. We showed Longhorn pride as up and through the Grand.

Please come back later to check out my review of Macy Gracy's new CD "Big" as well as my interview with her.

I'll part with advice from a friend to me:

Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Lovetruly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.

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